Gender Difference Voter Turnout in 2016 Presidential Election

This infographic is about the gender difference voter turnout in the 2016 presidential election. The point of this infographic is to quickly and easily inform people of who we should be targeting when trying to get new voters for the 2020 election. When we go out to events, there are usually volunteers who are trying to find people who are not registered to vote and they try to get them to register. We all know that these people can be pretty annoying at times but they are doing it because everyone who could vote, should vote. However, there are ways to do what they do but less annoying.

 Doing your research and knowing what kind of people you should be targeting can be really helpful. This infographic shows people that for most age groups, women seem to vote more than men. However, 65 and older turned out that more men vote than women. Therefore, as someone trying to get others to vote, I would target more women over the age of 65 and target more men under the age of 65. The infographic also informs people of the percentage of men and women registered to vote by race. That also helps others figure out who to reach out to for future elections. 

The average person would now know to target their younger male friends and family members and push them to go out and vote and the same goes for the older women. The gender difference turnout for the 2016 election was the same for 2012, 2008, 2004, 2000, and 1996. Therefore, there is a pattern in the results and it is certainly something we can all work on. 9.8 million more women voted in the 2016 election than men. Imagine the difference we can make by getting those numbers up for men (hopefully for the better). Voting is a right that we have and an important one at that, so we should all take advantage of it.


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